Welcome to QuotEnergy Advisors

QuotEnergy Advisors is an energy spend advisor that focuses around energy procurement and demand management, providing confidence for our clients.

Our clients includes commercial, industrial, government, and municipality sector.  The QuotEnergy team are industry veterans have a combined experience of thirty years and deliver quantifiable results.  Our specialities include natural gas and electricity procurement, LED lighting retrofits, tariff analysis and invoice reconciliation, energy management, and more.

We make it easy to do business and take as much of the work off your plate and provide you with concise analyses and communications for you to use internally.  The key is to help you make intelligent business decisions around your energy spend with confidence.


QuotEnergy Advisors examines your entire energy spend to uncover opportunities to reduce and manage your costs, in both supply and demand. Our advisors continually monitor client accounts and markets to identify times and areas where you can capitalize. We offer a comprehensive and unique diversity of energy services and tools specifically catered to your specific needs.


QuotEnergy Advisors invests time to learn about the business needs and objectives of each client to develop an energy-related strategy. We then manage the delivery to ensure success.  Strategies revolve around numerous services we offer including:

Procurement – Electricity and Natural Gas

Renewable Energy – Procurement & Projects

LED Lighting Retrofits

Power Factor Correction

Tariff & Bill Analysis


Every client requires a solution that meets their unique needs. QuotEnergy Advisors work diligently to understand your business to ensure we optimize the solution and ROI.