Our Advisors

Glencora Ore

Vice President

Glencora is an energy-management dynamo, a person of high integrity known for her market expertise, deep and extensive supplier relationships, and unflagging commitment to her customers. She began developing her understanding of deregulated markets back in 2001 in the telecom industry, bringing these learnings forward into energy in 2005 with the largest energy-consulting firm in Texas. Since then she has been a top energy-procurement specialist and energy-management advisor for clients spanning the government, manufacturing and high-end industrial verticals, both as a top salesperson for the nation’s largest energy-procurement firms and as an independent broker.

Over the years and always learning, Glencora has found her passion in energy consulting — expanding her skill set to include energy management, procurement, demand response, energy efficiency and renewables — helping clients understand and successfully navigate all the particulars of energy’s uniquely complex environment. Today, with the encouragement of her family and colleagues, she now leads QuotEnergy in order to provide a more comprehensive and hands-on approach to energy procurement.

A Scottish Kiwi (go ahead and ask her about it!), Glencora is an unabashed lover of Texas. In addition to energy consulting, her passions include reading, running, yoga and — yes — sunshine. She lives in Austin with her two wonderful children who, she says, move and teach her daily (see solar explained by her 6-year-old here).

Jon Dumas

Senior Energy Advisor

Jon is a customer focused energy management professional, putting together the technical analysis and market intelligence his customers need and helping them make solid business decisions. All the while sticking to his credo – always do what is right for the client.

After starting his career in the manufacturing industry, Jon came into the energy industry as a result of the financial crisis of 2008. It is an industry he took to quickly, combining his passion for energy, a consultative sales, and persistence to become well established. In this time, he has become well versed in the electricity and natural gas markets, demand response, renewables, and demand management. Jon has found a niche with customers who value technical analysis and having an advocate for all things energy.

IMG_2002Jon is a native Delawarean – yes it is a real state and not just from Wayne’s World – and a has a BSME from the University of Delaware, a Blue Hen (think Joe Flacco and Rich Gannon). If your caller ID shows up as 302 it is likely to be Jon. He now lives outside of Houston with his wife, 2 children, and 3 dogs and enjoys playing tennis, golfing, running, skiing, and scuba diving.