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LED Lighting Retrofits

LED Lighting Retrofits

LED Lighting Retrofits are an easy and effective way to reduce cost with no risk – so it is important that you revisit your lighting scenario for cost saving opportunities.  When you combine the lowering costs of LEDs and the rebates available from many utilities, upgrading to LEDs is becoming a simple decision.

40% of a building’s energy uses is for lighting and lights are normally used during the most expensive time to purchase electricity.  Most of the time, clients do not realize just how many lights they have.  They forget exit signs, parking lots, stairwells, elevators, etc., and it is important to identify each one to help reduce lighting costs.

How Do You Get Started?


The process is easy and you have to Contact Us to get started. From there QuotEnergy Advisors:

  1. Performs a comprehensive lighting audit at no cost
  2. Reviews in detail the savings proposal (lease or purchase)
  3. Implements and you enjoy the savings.

Whether you are a small business or a large hospital/university, QuotEnergy Advisors has the experience you need to successfully retrofit your lights.


How do you get started?

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