Sign and Drive

I have an electricity contract already – please stop calling me! I get it. The number of calls, emails, webinar invitations, market reports, etc. you receive from energy brokers/suppliers is just overwhelming.  It is an eat what you kill industry and the salespeople are just doing their jobs, but it can be frustrating from the customer point of view.  What is worse is that the services they offer are pretty much the same.  And when […]

Refreshing Look At Your Energy Spend

How many calls do you get every week – every day – with people telling you how they can get you a better energy rate?  5, 10, 20?  It is tiring.  We understand it. QEA takes a different approach and one our customers appreciate it. Energy procurement is very important and is typically the first step in the path to long-term savings partnership we walk down together. Our advisors actually sit on the same side […]

Is renewable energy in your portfolio?

Does your company have a sustainability program? Are you customers interested or concerned about the environment? Are you looking for a way to give your marketing department differentiation from the competition? Is your company forward thinking and want to help transition from fossil fuels to renewables? Renewable energy is the future, kicking coal and fossil fuels to the curb. There are an infinite number of articles on the internet that one can acquire vertigo from […]

My Jerry Maguire Moment

Our consultants have over 30 years combined experience in the energy industry. Including innovative procurement strategies, efficiency upgrades and green that actually saves you some green. We have seen so many brokers and consultants come and go, and we find that there aren’t many surprises we have not seen before. A few months ago, I was talking with one of our Advisors about a prospective client and I had my “Jerry Maguire” moment. What many […]

“I manage energy contracting myself”

Many companies manage energy procurement internally, often because they consider it relatively easy to manage or simply do not want to pay an outsider. So many clients: → Wait until last minute to sign a contract, rather than have someone help them be proactive in the market identifying “sweet spots” and hidden savings opportunities. This also forces them to make a decision based on contract expirations rather than on their own time and in their […]

Three types of buyers

I find that there are three types of energy buyers. Penny pincher:  this is the person who tries to “time the market” and often get caught up in saving pennies and not focusing on dollars. Uh-oh’er:  this is the person that realizes at the last minute that their contract tries to expire Action taker:  this is the person that sees an opportunity, short or long term, and takes it. Nobody is better or worse, everyone […]