Energy Management Systems

Intelligent Energy Management Systems

Klarify is a cost-effective system that intelligently monitors and adapts to a buildings’ energy usage

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

This is a term first used in a presentation by an executive at Proctor and Gamble as a way to describe the future of retail by using the internet and multiple inputs to automate decisions and actions.

IoT is the latest and greatest and it certainly gets its fair share of press in the energy industry. Often though, when people talk about IoT in energy they are referring to similar devices (i.e. HVAC, refrigeration, POS, door systems) that push data to an individual dashboard.

The true IoT is where you make intelligent decisions based on multiple, different data sources. For instance, if you are a fast food restaurant operator and you have actions defined around HVAC and POS you can create HVAC profiles based on sales and weather forecast or holidays. Our customers are seeing 8-18% reductions in energy load while being cash flow positive.

This is the true IoT….contact QuotEnergy to show you how to fully leverage the internet and your devices to provide long-term costs savings.