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Power Factor Correction

PF is a measure of how efficiently power is used. The more efficiently you consume your energy, the lower the PF. 
Imagine a horse pulling a train car down a straight track. The most efficient way to pull the train car is when the tow rope is in the same direction as the tracks. The further the horse moves to the side of the track direction (i.e. increases the rope angle) the harder he has to pull the train to get it to move the same distance. The angle between the track and pull direction is a measure of inefficiency also known as power factor and the goal is to get as close to 1 as possible. A Power Factor >0.95 eliminates those unnecessary penalties. 

PF Penalties do not exist with every utility but ERCOT definitely does.

Energy Management

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

This is a term first used in a presentation by an executive at Proctor and Gamble as a way to describe the future of retail by using the internet and multiple inputs to automate decisions and actions.

Everyone is talking about IoT and it certainly gets its fair share of press in the energy industry. Often though, when people talk about IoT in energy they are referring to devices on a single platform (ie all Trane HVAC units or Peerless (find another mfg) pumps) that push data to a dashboard of some kind. The problem is that how can you make determinations based on multiple inputs of different kinds.

For instance, if you are a fast food restaurant operator and you have actions defined around HVAC and POS you can create HVAC profiles based on sales.

This is the true IoT….let QuotEnergy show you how to fully leverage the internet and your devices to provide long term costs savings.

With so many devices collecting data, each with its own cloud-based platform, it is easy to become overwhelmed with data. Add to this an onslaught of false alarm alerts and you get a system that drowns resources. The key in today’s world is how do you effectively manage your various systems and show positive results? This is why we developed Klarify™.

Klarify is online energy analytics that expands on the capabilities of your current EMS, BMS, POS, HVAC, etc. (anything that transmits data). Together, they work in the background to ensure your facilities are running effectively and efficiently, at all times, saving you time and money.
Klarify aggregates all types of data from a customer’s portfolio of properties. Designed and developed with input from expert energy engineers, facility operators, HVAC technicians and business executives, Klarify analyzes the operation of equipment systems, energy consumption and costs, and facility operations as a whole.
Klarify will automatically find deviations from operational standards. Once you have customized the operational standards for your properties, Klarify will identify any deviations which are causing energy inefficiencies. With a simple mouse click, you are able to view the issue and the impact it has on the bottom line each day it goes unresolved. Klarify alerts you any time your operating standards are not being met.
This is all supported by a 24×7 Performance Monitoring Center that continuously watches for issues in your ecosystem.

If you fit this category, please contact QuotEnergy Advisors – we love saving our customers money.