Victoria ISD saves $1.3 million on electricity contract

QuotEnergy, LLC (QuotEnergy Advisors) helped Victoria Independent School District (VISD) procure another 90 million kWh of electricity to power its facilities. The resulting 5-year energy contract that begins in 2023 will secure over $1.3 million in savings for the district over successive terms and provide valuable budget certainty into 2028. Read more ….

Use solar as a hedge

Pricing in ERCOT is coming out of a stretch of historic low pricing.  So many customers go used to the low pricing as a norm and are now experiencing sticker shock. Especially those who have supply contracts that expire in 2018 and 2019.  Beyond working to get a low supply contract you should consider solar […]

Sign and Drive

I have an electricity contract already – please stop calling me! I get it. The number of calls, emails, webinar invitations, market reports, etc. you receive from energy brokers/suppliers is just overwhelming.  It is an eat what you kill industry and the salespeople are just doing their jobs, but it can be frustrating from the […]

ERCOT predicts record peak demand this summer

This announcement is causing a pop in the short-term market.   Reduced supply coupled with possible increased demand and you get higher pricing, economics 101.  This does not mean there are not good buying opportunities out there, QuotEnergy Advisors manages your needs against the market to keep your costs down. Click Here To Read

Refreshing Look At Your Energy Spend

How many calls do you get every week – every day – with people telling you how they can get you a better energy rate?  5, 10, 20?  It is tiring.  We understand it. QEA takes a different approach and one our customers appreciate it. Energy procurement is very important and is typically the first […]

Electric Grid Vulnerability – Today’s Real Threat

We at QEA to work diligently to reduce and manage our client’s energy spend, however what if there was no energy?  What if, god forbid, North Korea detonates an EMP over the USA and wipes out the grid?  It would take hours if not minutes for society to collapse. Do not take the grid for […]

Electrical Grid Vulnerability

This is a topic that does not get a lot of press, but should.  We take electricity for granted, but society will collapse without electricity for more than a few days.  No medicine, no gasoline, no food, etc.  Utilities and government need to band together and protect the grid. Click here to read article

Procurement – We Get It

Energy Procurement is a big project for many schools and you have numerous options and inputs that add unnecessary confusion and frustration. We get it. QuotEnergy Advisors is different – we listen to you and deliver a transparent process based on your specific business requirements. Whether you need a formal RFP, a reverse auction, or […]

EV impact on the grid

I recently bought a car, and since I typically keep cars for 5+ years, it hit me that this could be my last internal combustion engine vehicle (EV).  EVs are going to disrupt the automotive industry and the electricity grid, so when I saw this article I thought I would share it.