Red Oak ISD saves 18% in energy spend

QuotEnergy Advisors is proud to have helped Red Oak ISD reduce long-term costs by $150,000 per year or $750,000 over the contract term.  QEA’s competitive bidding process included 10 quality suppliers and in the end, TXU was selected based on price and overall value they provide. According to Kevin Freels, Assistant Superintendent of Campus Operations for Red […]

American Energy Usage

There was an interesting article around the true use of energy in the USA that is worth reading. The article includes the pictograph below showing how energy is consumed and it is amazing that over 66% is rejected.  

Webinar: Solar for ISDs

Solar WORKS for ISDs With the great success of our first webinar, QuotEnergy Advisors is holding a second webinar that will show you how solar in ISDs is now 13-21% lower than delivered deregulated rates, without risk. The cost of solar has plummeted in the past 12 months and is now competitive with deregulated areas. […]

Solar panel price plummets in 2016

In the past few months the price of solar panels has plummeted. We have priced out a few systems recently in Texas and California and the net price of electricity is far below the utility rates using an operating lease model.  That means no cash out of pocket and cash flow positive on month 1. […]

Electricity Grid Vulnerability

The electricity grid’s vulernability to either cyber or physical attacks is quite real.  And while the availability of the grid is vital to our national security and general way of life.   It does not get the same media attention as healthcare, debates, equality, etc., but if you think about it for just a moment don’t […]

Natural Gas Storage Report – Sept 23, 2016

Week 26 of Injection Season saw a similar build to the previous week, further eroding the historical surplus. Today, the EIA reported a net inflow of 49 Bcf, which is just over 10% lower than market predictions of a 56 Bcf build and exactly half that of the 98 Bcf injected this time last year. […]

Victoria County (TX) – Saves $400,000

QuotEnergy Advisors is proud to announce that it has helped Victoria County (Texas) procure 40 million kWh of electricity. The resulting 4-year contract begins in 2019 and will save the County nearly $100,000/year over its current rate.  This secures long-term cost reductions to the County under mounting budget pressures. View press release

Fresh New Look

QuotEnergy Advisors is excited about our redesigned website. We hope you find the new look and information valuable and we encourage you to provide your feedback. We will continue to update our Lets Talk forum with interesting information about the energy market and perhaps a bit about life in general. Thank you.

ERCOT Reserves buffer of 9.5%

Platts points out that the forecast peak demand this fall of 54,437 MW is an increase of more than 9% over last year’s fall peak load estimates of almost 50,000 MW.

Electricity 101

Quite often when people ask me what I do for a living and in the course of the conversation I often get asked “how does electricity work?”. It is a fair question and not easy to answer in 30 seconds. I came across an article earlier this year that gives a solid primer on how […]