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Energy Procurement

LED Lighting Retrofits

LED Lighting Retrofits are an easy and effective way to reduce cost with no risk – so it is important that you revisit your lighting scenario for cost-saving opportunities.  When you combine the lowering costs of LEDs and the rebates available from many utilities, upgrading to LEDs is becoming a simple decision.

40% of a building’s energy uses is for lighting and lights are normally used during the most expensive time to purchase electricity.  Most of the time, clients do not realize just how many lights they have.  They forget exit signs, parking lots, stairwells, elevators, etc., and it is important to identify each one to help reduce lighting costs.

How Do You Get Started?


The process is easy and you have to Contact Us to get started. From there QuotEnergy Advisors:

  1. Performs a comprehensive lighting audit at no cost
  2. Reviews in detail the savings proposal (lease or purchase)
  3. Implements and you enjoy the savings.

Whether you are a small business or a large hospital/university, QuotEnergy Advisors has the experience you need to successfully retrofit your lights.

Contact us to begin the discussion.

Energy Procurement – Electricity & Natural Gas

QuotEnergy provides expert electricity and natural gas market intelligence that educates the commercial, industrial, government, and municipality sector to make more informed decisions. By taking advantage of the competitive energy marketplace, reducing cost, and mitigating future price increases your success is our victory. QuotEnergy manages the supplier-client relationship from beginning to end and we represent you. Our industry veterans have a combined experience of no less than thirty years and deliver true results via assertive negotiation.

When to get pricing?

We recommend you begin looking to at the market 12-36 months from your contract expiration date. This allows us to uncover opportunities in the specific market within a time that works within the client’s internal contracting process and capitalizes on energy market downturns. 

If you have electricity or natural gas contracts expiring within the next 12-36 months contact QuotEnergy and we can get you a pricing analysis.

Reverse Auction and Sealed Bid

Online Reverse Auctions – Power of the Internet

procurement-natural-gas-electricityWe live in an online world. We purchase airline tickets, books, cars, and groceries online. Let’s face it just about everything can be purchased online. When was the last time you used a travel agent to buy an airline ticket? Exactly! Why? Not only is the internet faster, easier, and cheaper, but it puts you in control of your buying process.

Why should purchasing your commodity be any different? We are talking about electrons and molecules, the most basic of commodities and online procurement for energy works extremely well.

The QuotEnergy Advisors Online Auction is an innovative platform that has created a strategic shift in how energy is bought and sold throughout the country. QuotEnergy’s real-time competitive bidding technology has become a game-changer because of its ability to uncover the lowest rates for business and government entities, and is considered a best practice for energy procurement. By inviting the most competitive energy suppliers in the market to bid in an auction hosted exclusively for your company, all participants are able to bid and counter-bid in the transparent, real-time platform that goes on until the lowest rates in the market are uncovered.

The process ensures fair and transparent competition, which benefits suppliers who want to win more business and challenges the entire market to offer competitive rates.

Un-paralleled Experience: QuotEnergy Advisors have been performed hundreds of online procurement events over the years. Our experience will make the process simple for you and provide you with the lowest commodity price available.

This allows you to make intelligent energy procurement decisions.

Who uses reverse auctions?

There are thousands of companies leveraging the internet to achieve a low energy price with full transparency. The industry really took off with government clients as they wanted a more efficient and more transparent method to procure energy. It was then expanded throughout all sectors of business

Commercial Property
Non Profit
Hospitals and Healthcare
Religious Organizations

Renewable Energy

Meet your sustainability goals

Most companies have an environmental commitment or sustainability group looking at ways to be better stewards for the environment. One of the easiest and reasonably, cost-effective ways to aid in this effort is to include renewable energy as part of your electricity contract.

How does renewable energy work?

Energy Procurement - Natural Gas and Electricity
How RECs work

It is not realistic to expect that the electricity generated by a wind farm hundreds or thousands of miles from the end user can actually be delivered to that end user. Instead, for each 1,000 kWh of electricity that is generated the wind farm owner is issued 1 Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). The REC is what is used to monetize by selling energy to companies and people interested in supporting renewable energy. RECs are available to purchase to support renewable energy development and for your company to promote.


QuotEnergy will make purchasing Renewable Energy simple. Let us show you how…….

Power Factor Correction

What is Power Factor?

Power Factor (PF) is a measure of how efficiently power is used. The more efficiently you consume your energy, the higher the PF and the lower your costs.

Energy Procurement - Natural Gas and ElectricityImagine a horse pulling a train car down a straight track. The most efficient way to pull the train car is when the tow rope is in the same direction as the tracks. The further the horse moves to the side of the track direction (i.e. increases the rope angle) the harder he has to pull the train to get it to move the same distance. The angle between the track and pull direction is a measure of inefficiency also known as power factor and some utilities charge a penalty for poor power factor. The goal is to get as close to 1 as possible, a Power Factor >0.95 is excellent and usually eliminates those unnecessary penalties.

The more inefficient systems operate; the lower your PF. Low PF results in higher penalties from the Utility. Typical culprits that cause low PF are air conditioners, presses, manufacturing machinery, or anything with a motor. Fortunately, there are proven ways to correct low PF that offer excellent returns with no impact to your equipment or daily operations. Correcting your PF not only reduces your costs but could also extend the life of your equipment and slightly lower your usage, all because you use power more efficiently.


Sometimes PF is listed on your Utility/Supplier bill, if not, QuotEnergy can do the calculations for you to define the penalty you pay each month, just let us know and we are happy to provide a free evaluation.

procurement-natural-gas-electricityTariff and Bill Analysis

Most large energy users have good relationships with their utility representatives. However, when was the last time they looked at their tariff, contract, and usage to make sure they are being billed correctly? Utilities change tariffs all of the time and usually do not optimize a user to a tariff. Many people overlook this and it could be costing them thousands of dollars every month.


We have seen large energy users (>5MW) save 3-11% by working with QuotEnergy Advisors to perform a detailed tariff and bill analysis to uncover savings opportunities.


If you fit this category, please contact QuotEnergy Advisors – we love saving our customers money.

Intelligent Energy Management Systems

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

This is a term first used in a presentation by an executive at Proctor and Gamble as a way to describe the future of retail by using the internet and multiple inputs to automate decisions and actions.


IoT is the latest and greatest and it certainly gets its fair share of press in the energy industry. Often though, when people talk about IoT in energy

Klarify is a cost-effective system that intelligently monitors and adapts to a buildings’ energy usage

they are referring to similar devices (i.e. HVAC, refrigeration, POS, door systems) that push data to an individual dashboard.


The true IoT is where you make intelligent decisions based on multiple, different data sources. For instance, if you are a fast food restaurant operator and you have actions defined around HVAC and POS you can create HVAC profiles based on sales and weather forecast or holidays. Our customers are seeing 8-18% reductions in energy load while being cash flow positive.


This is the true IoT….contact QuotEnergy to show you how to fully leverage the internet and your devices to provide long-term costs savings.