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Energy Procurement – Electricity & Natural Gas

Energy Procurement – Natural Gas and Electricity

energy procurementThe energy spend can be quite significant for most companies, however so many companies do not have an energy procurement strategy.  They often just resign with their current supplier, use a broker who is a friend, use an aggregator, or do it on their own.  There is no right or wrong but in our experience utilizing a professional energy procurement advisory firm – a firm who’s advisors really want to learn about you and to help you – can save you hours of work and thousands of dollars.

QuotEnergy provides expert electricity and natural gas market intelligence that educates the commercial, industrial, government, and municipality sector to make more informed decisions. By taking advantage of the competitive energy marketplace, reducing cost, and mitigating future price increases your success is our victory. QuotEnergy manages the supplier client relationship from beginning to end and we represent you. Our industry veterans have a combined experience of no less than thirty years and deliver true results via assertive negotiation.

When to get pricing?

We recommend you begin looking to at the market 12-36 months from your contract expiration date. This allows us to uncover opportunities in the specific market within a time that works within the client’s internal contracting process and capitalizes on energy market downturns. 

If you have electricity or natural gas contracts expiring within the next 12-36 months contact QuotEnergy and we can get you a pricing analysis.

What is the best product?

Which product is best for you depends on your business….fixed, indexed, block, load-following block, heat rate, etc.  It can get out of control.  Suppliers have so many products and it is our job to translate them for you.   Our advisors take a keen interest in understanding your business so we can provide the best recommendation for you.  Depending on a clients’ usage, location, credit, etc. we will evaluate multiple products to make sure we make the best decision.   So don’t get pigeon-holed into a specific product, take a look at your options.

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