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Reverse Auction and Sealed Bid

Online Reverse Auctions – Power of the Internet

auctionWe live in an online world. We purchase airline tickets, books, cars, and groceries online. Let’s face it just about everything can be purchased online. When was the last time you used a travel agent to buy an airline ticket? Exactly! Why? Not only is the internet faster, easier, and cheaper, but it puts you in control of your buying process.

Why should purchasing your commodity be any different? We are talking about electrons and molecules, the most basic of commodities and online procurement for energy works extremely well.

The QuotEnergy Advisors Online Auction is an innovative platform that has created a strategic shift in how energy is bought and sold throughout the country. QuotEnergy’s real-time competitive bidding technology has become a game-changer because of its ability to uncover the lowest rates for business and government entities, and is considered a best practice for energy procurement. By inviting the most competitive energy suppliers in the market to bid in an auction hosted exclusively for your company, all participants are able to bid and counter-bid in the transparent, real-time platform that goes on until the lowest rates in the market are uncovered.

The process ensures fair and transparent competition, which benefits suppliers who want to win more business and challenges the entire market to offer competitive rates.

Un-paralleled Experience: QuotEnergy Advisors have been performed hundreds of online procurement events over the years. Our experience will make the process simple for you and provide you with the lowest commodity price available.

This allows you to make intelligent energy procurement decisions.

Who uses reverse auctions?

There are thousands of companies leveraging the internet to achieve a low energy price with full transparency. The industry really took off with government clients as they wanted a more efficient and more transparent method to procure energy. It has then expanded throughout all sectors of business

→ Manufacturing
→ Commercial Property
→ Retail
→ Non Profit
→ Education
→ Hospitals and Healthcare
→ Restaurants
→ Religious Organizations